Th Candle Corner: SUCCESS

Th Candle Corner: SUCCESS

Once upon a time, there was a candle named Success. He was a bright and shiny candle, with a warm golden glow that lit up any room he was in. People loved to light him up when they were working on important projects or when they needed a little extra motivation.

Success loved his job of motivating and inspiring people. He felt like he was making a real difference in the world. But there was one thing he didn’t like, and that was being left to burn too long. Success knew that if he burned too long, he would eventually burn out and be no good to anyone.

One day, a young girl lit Success and left him burning for hours on end, while she worked on her homework. Success knew he had to do something to get her attention and make her turn him off before it was too late.

So, he started flickering and dancing wildly, trying to catch her eye. But she was so focused on her work, she didn’t even notice. Success didn’t give up, though. He flickered and danced even more frantically, until finally, the girl looked up and saw what was happening.

Realizing her mistake, she quickly blew Success out and thanked him for reminding her to take breaks and not push herself too hard. From then on, she made sure to light Success only when she needed him, and to blow him out when she was done.

Success felt proud that he had not only motivated and inspired the girl, but also helped her to take care of herself. And he learned an important lesson too – that sometimes, the best way to help people is to remind them to take care of themselves first.

So, the moral of the story is, it’s great to be successful and to help others succeed, but it’s important to remember to take care of yourself too. Don’t burn out like a candle left to burn for too long. Take breaks, rest, and recharge, so you can continue to shine bright and inspire others.

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